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  • Cables & Connectors Cables & Connectors
    For magnetic benches or electromagnetic current generators to work with any part size or application
  • Centrifuge Tubes Centrifuge Tubes
    Centrifuge tubes and stand to measure settling volume concentration of magnetic powders
  • Coils for Bench Units Coils for Bench Units
    Fixed magnetizing coils for magnetic benches to magnetize a variety of part sizes and shapes
  • Conductors Conductors
    Central conductors and adapters for magnetic benches help outfit the equipment to fit various part sizes and shapes
  • Contact Pads Contact Pads
    Copper and lead contact pads for magnetic benches ensure reliable electrical contact with most part sizes and shapes
  • Magnetic Field Indicators Magnetic Field Indicators
    Magnetic field indicators and Gauss meters for measuring magnetic field strength and direction
  • Prods & Clamps Prods & Clamps
    Prods & clamps to magnetize a range of part shapes, configurations and sizes
  • Steady Rests for Mag Machines Steady Rests for Mag Machines
    Steady Rests are used to support and stabilize long or heavy parts such as crankshafts during the inspection process
  • Wet Particle Bath Sprayers Wet Particle Bath Sprayers
    Magnetic particle applicators provide fast, reliable, even application of magnetic powers and bath suspensions